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Cool4mob is an exciting Australian trivia game of skill where you can win amazing prizes offering 1 quiz per week for only $5 per week (incl GST) using Direct Carrier Billing. Carrier and data charges, WAP/GPRS/UMTS rates may apply. Every 3 months the Australian winner(s) will be selected and contacted within 2 weeks after the communicated closing date. The winner is the player which completed a 10-q quiz in the fastest time + most correct answers (resulting in the highest score) within the promotional period. Every Quiz will result in a score: max 100 points per correct answer, deducting 1 point with every second the player needs to answer the question, with a minimum of 50 points per correct answer. The maximum points a player can collect in 1 quiz is 1000 points (all answers correct, all answered within 1 second). Every week, a new quiz will be available at User can unsubscribe at any time sending STOP WIN to 19789073. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected] or by phone: 1300 550 796 open Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM (EST). Cool4mob is operated by C-Traffic B.V., H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 200, 1096 AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce NL: 54535093. VAT no . NL 851341792B01

1. These Promotional Terms and Conditions apply to Cool4mob organised by C-traffic, having its registered office at (H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 200, 1096 AS Amsterdam), the Netherlands.


2. The Promotional Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions of C-traffic apply to every end user and are binding on every end user who participates in a promotional campaign. By participating in one of our promotional campaigns, the end user agrees to the General Terms and Conditions and the Promotional Terms and Conditions below.


3. The campaigns are aimed at individuals, aged 18 and older, who register for the Cool4mob service during the promotional campaign. The purpose of the campaigns is to promote Cool4mob.


4. The promotional campaign states the period for participation. That information can be found at the end of the page. The winner of the prize concerned is determined by the most correctly answered questions. The maximum number of questions is 48 per participation. Within 7 days after termination of the competition the prize winner will be contacted either by SMS, e-mail or telephone. If an actual prize winner apparently is not within reach, another prize winner will be determined in his place to twice maximum. On the result and awarding of the prize cannot be corresponded. The administrative data of the organizer are decisive.


5. All postage, courier and/or banking charges are payable by the winner. If the prize is worth more than (450,- euro) a compulsory tax on games of chance will be levied on the value of the prize. C-traffic will arrange for the deduction and declaration of the tax on games of chance.


6. In case of any patent or latent defects in the prizes or any damage caused during the delivery (dispatch) of the prize, C-traffic isn’t responsible for this.


7. All prizes that have been won will be delivered to the end user’s address within 21 days. The end user must provide C-traffic with a valid address for this purpose. In case of a cash prize, the amount will be credited to an account number to be designated by the winner.


8. C-traffic reserves the right to swap the promotional prize for another one of at least the same value if a promotional campaign has less than 50 participants when its period for participation expires.


9. If products can no longer be delivered or are no longer in stock, C-traffic reserves the right to offer a cash amount as an alternative or to fully or partially replace each of the prizes. If prizes are replaced by a cash amount, the prize must be of the same or a higher value. The prize must be accepted as offered and cannot be transferred or divided.


10. The winner gives permission for his or her first name, place of residence and photograph to be used on C-traffic’s websites for promotional purposes.


11. Employees and family members of C-traffic employees (and its subsidiaries) as well as anyone involved in the promotional campaigns concerned (including advertisers or producers) are excluded from participation.


12. C-traffic reserves the right to adapt or amend these Promotional Terms and Conditions (including the General Terms and Conditions) at any time. We therefore advise that you consult the Promotional Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.


13. C-traffic reserves the right – at its own discretion and without prior notice – to amend the Promotional Terms and Conditions or to end, suspend or alter the promotional campaign, including but not limited to situations in which there are faults in the software and/or hardware and for other technical and/or legal reasons. The content of the Promotional Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions is subject to typing errors and interpretation.


14. C-traffic has its registered office in Amsterdam and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number (kvk number and vat number). Please send all correspondence concerning the Content Services or these Promotional Terms and Conditions to C-traffic, (H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 200, 1096 AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands. [email protected]) or report matters by telephone on (1300 791 015. ). (toll free, excluding the costs for the use of your mobile phone)