1) How can I stop the service? There are three ways to cancel the service.


1. By SMS (i.e. text message):Subscribers can cancel at all times by sending the message STOP to the short code for which they are registered (19971111/19975555). The subscriber will be deregistered immediately.


2. By e-mail:Subscribers can send an e-mail to [email protected] stating the telephone number that must be deregistered.The subscriber will be deregistered with 24 hours (on business days, otherwise on the Monday after a weekend)


3. By telephone:Subscribers can call the IVR help line on 1300 791 015. . The subscriber says his or her telephone number aloud into the system and the telephone number is deregistered within 24 hours.The telephone number is then removed from our system.


2) What does the service cost?

The service costs can be found under ‘Users’ Terms and Conditions’.


3) I have not received all my download credits. What has happened?

We were unable to charge all your credits. Make sure that your balance is adequate


4) For how long are my credits still valid if I deregister?

If you deregister from the short code for which you were registered, your credits are still valid for 30 days after you cancel the service


5) If I visit www.cool4mob.com, I see a foreign country.How can I change this?

We automatically set the correct country for you.This is done based on the location of the computer or the mobile telephone that you use to visit the site.You can easily adjust this by changing the country in the top left hand corner of the screen.


6) What can I do if my telephone does not appear in the list of models?

If your mobile telephone does not appear in the list of models, you can still register for the service, but you will not be able to download any content from our website.Consult the list of suitable models before you wish to download content from our website. Take note:the iPhone is not compatible with our services!


7) I cannot download any content.What now?

The WAP settings on your telephone are probably incorrect.Your operator can easily adjust these settings.Your operator’s website will describe how this is done. Look there for ‘WAP settings’ or ‘data settings’.This service is free


8) How do I know which promotions are currently running?

All information on promotions can be found under ‘Promotional Terms and Conditions’ and/or ‘Promotions’.


9) How can I win a prize?

Depending on the campaign, the winner will be selected from all participants or on the basis of the number of points scored. See ‘Actions’ and/or ‘Action Terms for more details of each campaign.


10) Which states may not participate?

Residents of Queensland, Canberra and Victoria can register for the service and receive content, but they are not eligible to win prizes. If you cannot find the answer to your question, send us an e-mail with your question to [email protected]. We shall then answer you as soon as possible.