1) How to enter this service
To subscribe to receive your mobile content simply fill in the activation keyword (we sent to your mobile) filling in your mobile number on the site http://m.za.Cool4mob.com.
2) What are the costs of the subscription service?
This is a subscription-based mobile content service. You are charged R5 per day of R10 per day and have full access to our content portal.

3) How do I unsubscribe from the service?
There are three ways to stop the service: 1: Via text/sms: You can opt-out at any time by sending STOP to 39326. You will be unsubscribed immediately. 2: Via e-mail: You can send an e-mail containing the mobile number that needs to be unsubscribed to [email protected] You will be unsubscribed within 24-hours (between business hours, otherwise on Monday after the weekend). 3: Via telephone: You can call the live help line number 01112185618 (free of charge, during business hours). You will be unsubscribed within 24-hours (on business days).

4) How long will I be subscribed?
This is a weekly subscription service. The minimum period is 1 week. You can end this subscription at any time by sending STOP to 39326

I have never subscribed myself to your service, but I do receive text messages.
The only way to subscribe to our service, is by sending a keyword to a shortcode on our page or to click on confirm via the operator payment page. After you have confirmed your subscription, the service will be activated.

6) I receive Spam, how can I stop this?
Cool4mob does not send out emails. Our affiliate networks refer to our products in their promotional material, which are distributed through various mediums including email. If you have signed up with such a network to receive promotional material via email, you could therefore receive a Cool4mob offer. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you should contact the sender of the email and state your request. In most cases, there will be an unsubscription button within these emails that will allow you to block further communication from a particular party. Alternatively, you can block the sender of this email with a function within your own email application (Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail etc).

7) How can I stop pop-ups?
Some computer software is offered free of charge and comes with integrated advertising. Such advertising allow the software developers to offer the software for free, and can be present in many applications including download accelerators, weather forecast tools, and music download applications. Our affiliate networks can promote Cool4mob services via these applications, which will appear as a pop-up in screen. Also, some websites generate their own pop-ups. Most of the time, this is done to enable them to continue to offer their products/information free of charge. Your can compare this situation to free to air television, where commercials are broadcasted during shows to cover the cost of broadcasting those shows. Pop-ups are harmless and can be closed in the same way as every other window. If however, you wish to stop these pop-ups, you can either uninstall the application causing them, or install a pop-up blocker such as AdAware.